Scoliosis for Manual Therapists

When: This webinar was held on Tuesday, March 19 2019

Your Host: Nicholas Barbousas


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Early detection, diagnoses and treatment of scoliosis is an important aspect of successfully halting the progress of this condition. Quite often the appearance of Scoliosis in adolescence is able to correct itself without the need of any external intervention, however, if things progress into adulthood then possible musculoskeletal issues may arise. The common classification of the generic term Scoliosis does not take into consideration the variables that make up this condition.

As therapists we are often placed in situations in which we must make an informed decision based upon presenting clinical considerations. This webinar aims to help build the therapists confidence in understanding the types, causes, and treatment options available when clients present with Scoliosis.

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Nicholas Barbousas

Nicholas Barbousas (Nick) is a Soft Tissue Therapist with more than 25 years experience in Muscular Therapy practice. Nick’s ongoing passion for his work stems from his training in Rolfing, Structural Integration and Myofascial Release; and his commitment to working with Posture Correction and Movement Education. His particular expertise explores the relationship between our own physical environments and its impacts on posture and movement.

Nick’s experience as an educator and mentor in Manual Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Posture Education spans several years. While organising and directing his own privately run Mentoring Hub and professional courses, Nick has overseen the development of Myofascial Release programs within Industry Institutions. He was also the inaugural convener and co-developer of the Myofascial Release Program within the Bachelors and Masters degrees of Osteopathy, at Western Sydney University (formerly the University of Western Sydney).

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