AGM Recap – Stealth Infections and Autoimmunity

When: The webinar was held on Wednesday, March 6 2019

Your Host: Jennie Burke


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Autoimmunity is a consequence of the breakdown of the body's response and results in an attack of the immune system on varying organs and tissue as if they are foreign invaders. When the immune system attacks host cells and tissues, the result is autoimmune disease.

Infections can both initiate and contribute to the development of autoimmune diseases.In this presentation, three particular bacterial infections which result in autoimmune disease will be discussed. Testing for these infections and the treatment of these may result in stopping and reversing the immune response that destroys normal body tissue.

Patients in Australia diagnosed with autoimmune disease are not routinely tested for such bacterial infections. Testing and treatment will be discussed in this presentation.

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Jennie Burke
Jennie Burke originally trained in medical technology, and has worked in other fields, including as Section Head for Uranium Analysis at Geomineralogical Assays in her early twenties and in Food Technology. She also holds Diploma's in Nutritional Science, Medical Herbalism and a Research Master of Science with Honours.

In 1985, Jennie established Australian Biologics Testing Services offering scientific testing. She has expanded her client base to service both medical doctors, naturopaths and herbalists across Australia and some countries in Asia, acquiring an international reputation for innovation.

Jennie frequently lectures overseas at cancer congresses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA, and is known internationally as a researcher in pleomorphism.

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