Event Description

The Online Auditor Expo is the new name for the International Auditor Symposium.

Now in it’s third year, The Online Auditor Expo is a comprehensive online conference for auditing and standards professionals.

The event is 100 percent online and will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the entire month of June, 2019.

The Online Auditor Expo will consist of numerous pre-recorded sessions covering a variety of auditing topics such as quality, auditing skills, environment, occupational health and safety, and future technologies.

Register and pay $99 USD today to enjoy a month of auditing and standards content at your fingertips. 

Please note that GST will be included into the total for Australian residents.

Current Exemplar Global certified professionals are elligible for free registration. If you are an Exemplar Global certified professional and you have not received your free access link, please contact Jane Boler at jboler@exemplarglobal.org

The Online Auditor Expo is now closed.

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For assistance (including requests for certificates of attendance) please contact Jane Boler at jboler@exemplarglobal.org

Speakers for Online Auditor Expo

ISO 45001:2018 Made Simple

Presented by: David Solomon

Cranes 101

Presented by: John Humphries

Overview of Enterprise Risk Management

Presented by: Craig D Souza

The role of leadership in OHS Auditing

Presented by: Daniel McConville

Risk-Based Auditing

Presented by: Denise Robitaille

Risk Management to Improve QMS Performance

Presented by: Buddy Cressononie

Virtual Teams in Healthcare; Set a Path for eAuditing!

Presented by: Shauna Wilson

Auditing common elements in combined management systems based on the High Level Structure

Presented by: Elisabeth Thaller

ISO 19600, the international standard for compliance management

Presented by: Dick Hortensius

Applying a Risk-Based Approach to Internal Auditing

Presented by: Kellan Ilse

Auditing in a Technology World

Presented by: Lorri Hunt

Is Sustainability the New Quality?

Presented by: Rick Hill

Effective Audit Time Management 

Presented by: Paul Palmes

Increasing Confidence in Your Supply Chain:  Changes at the IAF including the IAF Database of Accredited Certification

Presented by: Sheronda Jeffries

Process Auditing and Risk-Based Thinking for Improved Audit Performance

Presented by: Afaq Ahmed

Good Manufacturing Practices Cosmetics Auditing - According to ISO 22716:2007

Presented by: Dr Ajay Shah

A surprising tool to help create an integrated foreign matter management plan

Presented by: Wendy Edwards

Improve Auditing of Third-Party Contractors

Presented by: Pat La Londe

Aligning the Strategy of Risk, with the Strategy of the Enterprise The True Purpose of ISO 31000

Presented by: Jeffrey A. Slotnick, CPP, PSP

Integrating ISO certificates into business strategy

Presented by: Donna Stockwell

Transversal Audit of Risks in Management Systems

Presented by: Jorge Bravo

Business continuous Management System(BCMS) consulting and TC223 guidance for auditing

Presented by: Gyu Jin Lee

ISO/IEC 20000:2018 Highlights of Requirements Changes in the Standard

Presented by: Jae Uk Kwon

Integration of ISO management system and smart cloud system

Presented by: Jinhyuk Moon