Extraordinary Vessel Pulse Diagnosis

When: This webinar was held on Tuesday, February 19 2019

Your Host: Thomas Richardson


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In this webinar, a theoretical model is presented that examines the ways in which the extraordinary vessels and the extraordinary organs have relationships to Daoist cosmology, and the ways in which they may have relationships to the transcendent, creative, spiritual, mystical, and extraordinary aspects of humanity. This model is simply another way of organising information on the extraordinary vessels and organs—and their relationships to the primary channels and zangfu—in a manner that creates a new perspective; creating a fuller understanding of the ways in which these vessels function.

The relationship of the theoretical model to pulse diagnosis of the Extraordinary Vessels according to the system of Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis will also be discussed in this webinar. Combining this perspective with the methods of pulse diagnosis opens the door to new ways of utilising the extraordinary vessels in clinical treatment strategies for various disorders from musculo-skeletal pain to complex issues that are transystemic. 

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Thomas Richardson is a Licensed Acupuncturist as well as a scholar and teacher of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. From 2012-2014, Thomas lived in Boston, where he completed a master’s degree at Harvard University. His research focused on connections between Buddhism, Daoism, and Chinese medicine, as well as trauma, storytelling, and healing. During this time, he was also on the faculty at the New England School of Acupuncture. Thomas currently is based in Boulder, CO, and teaches seminars nationally and internationally on Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis and Extraordinary Chinese Medicine. His first book, Extraordinary Chinese Medicine: The Extraordinary Vessels, the Extraordinary Fu, and the Art of Being Human was recently published through Singing Dragon Press. He is also a coauthor on William Morris’ forthcoming book, Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis. 


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