The Use of Homeopathy in Gastrointestinal Disorders

When: This webinar was held on Tuesday, March 12 2019

Your Host: Margaret Wood


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Homeopathic remedies are easily administered and are completely free of toxicity if used in the correct potencies. Homeopathy is thought to stimulate the individual’s homeostatic response to environmental and internal imbalance. This form of treatment is particularly attractive to parents of young children. The webinar will unfold as follows:

• Development of clear guidelines for taking the homeopathic case and analysing the data to ensure that an appropriate homeopathic is selected
• Development of clear guidelines for potency selection and dosage
• Examination of a short Materia Medica with specific focus on acute gastro-intestinal conditions and their treatment homeopathically
• Explanation of homeopathic remedy relationships and how important this is in the selection of the appropriate remedy
• Exploration of how the client’s dietary desires and aversions are key indicators of the state of the inner being and how to use this knowledge to better assist your client to find the appropriate nutritional pathway forwards
• Listing of references and suggestions for further reading

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Margaret Wood

Margaret Wood graduated from Southern School of Natural Therapies (SSNT) in 1979 and went into private practice specializing in Homoeopathy. She commenced as a lecturer in homoeopathy at SSNT in 1980, later going on to lecture at various naturopathic and homoeopathic colleges. She was a founding member of the Homeopathic Education and Research Association (HERA) and received an Honorary Diploma of Homoeopathy from their affiliated college in 1993 in appreciation of her contribution to the development of homoeopathic education in Melbourne.

Margaret also has a Masters in Gestalt Therapy and combines this and a number of other skills in her naturopathic/homoeopathic practice.

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