PCOS Recap – Exercise Physiology Recommendations

When: Tuesday, 30th April 2019

What Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm AEST

Where: Online - join via your computer!

Your Host: Professor Nigel Stepto


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Despite the well-established benefits of physical activity and exercise for prevention of chronic disease (such as PCOS), these women tend to remain inactive thus miss out on its therapeutic effects and a general maintenance of good health. This disengagement from physical activity and formal exercise is likely due to general and PCOS-specific barriers to physical activity and formal exercise. To overcome reduced participation, we need to address the general and PCOS specific barriers by finding not only effective formal exercise activities, but ones that are enjoyable and likely sustainable beyond formal therapeutic intervention periods.

This webinar will explore the latest evidence and present an international consensus for the role for physical activity and exercise in management and treatment of PCOS, either alone or within a lifestyle program. It will also identify and highlight remaining key gaps in clinical knowledge around exercise therapy and physical activity more generally in PCOS, whilst exploring the role of the accredited exercise physiologist and other allied health practitioners in improving exercise engagement.


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Professor Nigel Stepto
Professor Nigel Stepto teaches at Victoria University specialising in clinical exercise science. His work aims to understand aetiologies of metabolic and endocrine diseases from the perspective of dysfunctional skeletal muscle, and to understand how exercise therapy can be used to address these disorders (specifically PCOS). Professor Stepto has developed expertise in research translation and implementation in lifestyle therapy for PCOS. He serves on national and international guideline development groups, turning research into practice via evidence synthesis, advocacy and dissemination of these guidelines to patients and healthcare practitioners.

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